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Steel City Art Works was started by a group of dedicated people whose focus was to present established and emerging artists, the gallery is in the Historic Union Avenue District.

A cooperative with over 40 artists, many art forms are represented, including watercolor, oils, acrylics, mixed media, glass, pottery, jewelry, sculpture and more. Artists work the store and attend First Friday events.

This hands-on approach creates community, sparks creativity, and keeps the gallery a vibrant, ever-changing art venue.To become a member, applications are taken and all artwork is juried in by the membership.

Artists interested in joining us can call the gallery for information.




Complete the following form.


Steel City Art Works

Application for Membership


Dear Applicant,

Admission to the Steel City Art Works Cooperative is based upon a juried review of your art, your willingness to support the gallery financially and to participate in the operation of the gallery.

The process for admission includes the following steps.

 To be considered for membership, your artwork must be of professional or near-professional quality and gallery-ready.

  1. This completed application form must be brought back to the gallery where it will be forwarded to the Membership Committee chairperson.
  2. Unless there are openings for artists who work in your medium, your application will be kept on file until an opening does become available.
  3. If/when an opening becomes available; you will be contacted by the chairperson of the Membership Committee and asked to meet with a group of members of that committee. You will be asked to bring three or four samples of your work along with an artist biography and photo of yourself to that meeting. The biography should provide an overview of your art background and experience along with a statement identifying the reason you would like to join the Cooperative.
  4. The samples of your work will be kept at the gallery until the next membership meeting. While great care is taken in safeguarding the work of prospective members, the Cooperative is not liable for any damage to artwork left in the gallery.
  5. The Membership Committee will present your work at the membership meeting and make a recommendation regarding your membership. A majority vote of the members attending the meeting will determine if you will be admitted. You will be notified the week following the meeting and informed whether you have been admitted to the Cooperative.
  6. If admitted, there is a one-time membership fee of $20.00.
  7. There are two categories of members. Each member is also expected to contribute in some other way to the operation of the Cooperative. This can include becoming a member of a standing committee, helping organize or run a special event, or volunteering to participate in other projects identified by the membership.
    1. Local members live within 30 miles of the gallery and pay dues in the amount of $43.00 per month. Dues must be paid on the first of every month. Local members also pay the gallery a 20 percent commission on the sale of their work. Local members are also required to work in the gallery one and one-half days per month.
    2. Distance members live more than 30 miles from the gallery and pay dues of $55.00 per month and pay the gallery 30 percent commission on the sale of their work. Distance members are not required to work in the gallery. A member living more than 30 miles from the gallery has the option to join as a local member, agreeing to all of the responsibilities of a local member.
  8. Following admission, new members must complete an orientation process and successfully complete membership requirements for a three-month period before becoming a permanent member. The chairperson of the Membership Committee coordinates the orientation of new members and contacts new members with specific information about the process. 
  9. Submitting this application signifies that you have read the above information, and agree to the requirements of the Cooperative should I be accepted as a member.

Steel City Art Works Membership Form