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Lionel Trujillo Bio

From Lionel’s studio on the Saint Charles Mesa in Colorado, beautiful bold indestructible sculptures and one of a kind furniture pieces are being created.

Made of steel, copper, brass, silver, exotic woods and a complicated mixture of patinas and lacquers, Lionel’s creations capture logic of form, lines, and volumes that are timeless.

About the Artist
Lionel A. Trujillo is an artist that draws his inspiration from his love of culture, craftsmanship, and materials that are rich in their historical value. He dedicated his life restoring neighborhoods in Pueblo, Colorado. Now, he has turned his passions toward the beauty and mystique of Mayan and Aztec Civilizations through his own interpretation in metal sculpture. His love for preserving the work of craftsmen long gone, can be found in hand crafted furniture created from materials found in historical buildings in the South-west.

Lionel draws on his formal training in Art at Long Beach College and his technical expertise as a master carpenter and degreed welder to create art. His desire is to create thought provoking works that will create a link between old and young generations alike.

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Lionel Trujillo
Email: trujillosteel@gmail.com