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Steering Committee Minutes

SCAW Minutes Aug. 23, 2017


The meeting was called to order by Pres John Box.


John talked to Luke Lyons, the reporter that wrote the nice article about us in the Chieftain. He will send us a good copy of our article and John will frame it to hang in the gallery.


The Chili Fest is coming up and John will ask for volunteers to help out during Saturday and Sunday of the event. We will set-up the pop-up tent out front where we will move our Chili Boutique. Customers will have to bring items into the gallery to pay for them. There are some “guest artists” items in the boutique, they should be rung up under “Anonymous” and make sure to put as much info as possible in the “notes”.


Kaley updated John on Membership dues payments. There are a couple of members that are months behind on their dues. John will call and remind those members to take care of it.


We received a nice thank-you note from Ed Gallegos, for his time as Guest Artist.


Paul reported that we are doing great with our sales. So far in August our sales have been $4736, last year in August our sales were $3461. We are about $3770 ahead of last year to date.


Paul suggested that we use some of that money to finish replacing the spot lights.


Gary reported that he renewed our ad in the Symphony programs and our ad in the news paper will run until after the Chili Fest.


There was no report on the Calendar.


There was no report on the 1st Friday calendar.


Jill M reported on the Arts Alliance saying there has been some staffing changes and new board members. The annex (the old Betty’s Costume Shop) needs a new roof.


There was no report from Diana on the gallery change over.


Our next membership meeting will be on Sunday August 27th at 12:30pm.


Meeting adjourned. 

SCAW Minutes July 26, 2017


President, John Box called the meeting to order.


He talked about how well July’s 1st Friday birthday event went really well, with big crowds and good sales. We also all agreed that the article about us in the Chieftain was good. Diana says there are more pictures in the on-line article.


We discussed whether to keep the featured artists in the back room, it was decided to keep the arrangement as is until next year and then change it and try something different.


Diana wants to begin featuring our Chili theme boutique for the month prior to and in preparation for the Chili Fest. Members should have their chili themed art ready to go by August 21st. If you aren’t around then you may leave your art in the furnace room and Diana will get it.   Former member Patrick Armstrong is going to bring in several of his chili sculptures to put in the window and sell. We will not be doing face painting this year because there was too much competition last year, but we will need extra workers to man our boutique out in front of the store during the Chili Fest.


The “Best of Pueblo” competition is going on right now. You can vote on line.  Please vote often.


We discussed having themed shows next year. Possibly 4 different themed shows next year. We will ask for suggestions at the next general meeting.


We received a nice thank you note from Dee Ford for her month at a Guest Artist.


We need 2 judges for our three awards at the Colorado State Fair art show. If you are interested in volunteering contact John Box.


Paul reported that we have had a good month. So far this month we have made $3712, and last year’s total was $3072. This means we have nearly caught up with last year’s sales to date.


We will be jurying in a new applicant at Sunday’s meeting. She is a jeweler who makes rings of wood.


Gary reported for the marketing committee that we will place another ad in the paper in the services section the month before the Chili Fest. Diana would like the ad to say, “Get all great things chili” at Steel City Art Works.


No news on the Calendar.


No news on 1st Friday schedule.


Jill M reported that the Arts Alliance has received a couple of small grants and will be working on improving security in their buildings.


Diana went to a “Buy Local” advisory board meeting and this group will begin a “Buy in Pueblo” campaign beginning August 1st.  We will have a sign for our front window.


There has been an interest from customers to buy our t-shirts. We will have a model displayed and a sign-up sheet and order them on a monthly basis.


Meeting adjourned.

SCAW  Steering Minutes June 21, 2017


The meeting was called to order by VP Frank Nemick. 

Frank read John’s report on the progress on preparations for our First Friday anniversary party.

Members attending 1st Friday will be assigned a food category to bring by John.

John will order the cake.

Member’s are asked to wear your gallery t-shirt to the First Friday event.

Fireweed has been contracted to play from 5:30 to 7:30 on First Friday.

Former members are being contacted to attend the celebration.

Mo will send out press releases about the event.

A 10% discount will be applied to all sales between Friday and Sunday.

John will run the sidewalk sale on Friday and volunteers will be needed for Saturday and Sunday.

John asked if anyone else has an ideas for our celebration.

Paul’s treasurer’s report: our sales for the month to date were $6095 which is ahead of June of last year but Paul said most of those sales were one person and several items and she received a 20% discount. We can not count on that every month and if it hadn’t been for that one person we would be way behind last year’s sales plus the Gallery didn’t make it’s usual commission.

There are two new options on the register now. One option is for a 10% gallery discount. The other option is for a 10% discount from the artist. You can choose one or both options . DO NOT FIGURE DISCOUNTS BEFORE YOU PUT THE SALE IN THE REGISTER.

We discussed how best to increase sales. Diana said there will be an article in The Chieftain sometime in July, unfortunately not before First Friday.

Jill S reported that there is one applicant to be interviewed, a jeweler. We will be voting on another applicant at the next meeting, she is a watercolorist.

Gary had no report on Marketing.

Cheryl reported that the calendar is fill for July except the 30th and the 31st. She thinks it was because those dates were at the top of the page instead of the bottom. She will fix the problem.

June reported that the featured artist calendar is ok even though some artists do not want to be featured.

We discussed the pros and cons of having the featured artists in the back room all the time. Diana said we could change it up sometimes. We also discussed where we should place food and beverage tables on 1st Friday. Diana said we will have a small stage for Fireweed. She asks anyone with extra folding chairs to bring for the evening.

Jill M reported that the Arts Alliance is planning a two day musical event on July 22 & 23 with the group “Detour”.

Diana says the Farmer’s Market at El Pueblo will begin on Saturday July 15. Blue Raven Farms will be there. The organizers want to have 2 ‘art day’ markets. They charge $7 for the space and $5 for a table. Diana said you could do demos and focus on selling. Di says it’s a lot of fun.

We discussed sending out Anniversary Party invitations via Facebook and email along with postcards. 

Meeting adjourned.

Meeting adjourned.