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Steering Committee Minutes


SCAW Steering Minutes 11/15/17

President John Box called the meeting to order and ran through the changes we needed in our Policies and Procedures document before presented to the membership for a vote. 

Gary is back as marketing committee chairman. Tom Ossner will take charge of a new committee we are calling Special Events Committee. His job will be organizing events like the Chili Fest. 

John and Paul are working on the 2018 Budget, they are going to be very conservative with our sales estimates for next year. This year did very well but we can not count on the woman that is buying so much jewelry to continue to do so. 

John would like to schedule a Bin Sale for next year. 

The December Steering Committee meeting will be on Weds Dec 13th.

Jill M was approached by an art collector who wants to sell some on his collection. We discussed pros and cons of selling outside art and decided against it. 

John received the 2018 least and has signed it. The rent will go up by $50 per month next year and $150 per month in 2019. We are not committed to 2019. 

Paul talked about the thefts the jewelry artists are experiencing. He will install a new 4 camera system at $250. John will ask a police officer to address a membership meeting about theft prevention. We will also try to put most of the jewelry behind glass. We talked about what a worker can and can’t do if you spot a shop lifter. 

June talked about our ability to post 360 degree photos on Google Earth’s sites. Paul said it should be easy and he will do that. 

John said we have no director for the Communication Committee and asked if we still need the committee. It was pointed out that all we need to do is “Share” gallery posts. 

It was asked what to do about breakage, Diana said in the past we have reimbursed (at a wholesale price). John said if something breaks during your shift please call either John or Diana. 

We discussed the fact that many of our artists are not interested in being a Featured Artist. It was decided that we have the choice to be featured or not. We will all be required to be a host one First Friday a year. Hosts must be there on First Friday to help set-up and clean-up after closing. 

Diana said Featured Artist can cooperate with others with a theme or can go it alone with no particular theme. 

We have several special shows coming next year. The theme in March will be “Doors”, May will be the Photography Show, August will be the Grandchildren’s Show. (Something your grandchild did framed next to something you did) and in October we will do “Chairs” again. 

Jill S has an artist to interview soon but all new artists are now being put on a waiting list. 

Paul said our sales so far this month are way down to $1678 compared to last year for the month we had $3563 in sales. We are way down in sales because we are no longer giving 20% discounts to the woman buying so much jewelry. 

Gary will keep our ad in the Chieftain through December. It was decided that we will continue with the ad, changing the wording now and then until we decide not to. 

Cheryl reported that the calendar is going fine. She still has some problems with some artists’  scheduling. 

Jill M reported that the Arts Alliance is doing better, they still do not have a director but they did receive a grant from the Packard Foundation for $20,000. 

Bob had nothing to report on the Gallery Maintenance.

Linda C has contributed several items for sale that will benefit our Steel City Society for the Arts. The Honey Bears and the Buckets of Snowballs are non-taxable and proceeds go to the Society. Thank you to Linda, every little bit helps. 

The Society has applied for a few small grants. Our money from the Pam Fansler Fund and the Gary Parks contribution are in the Society’s books. We now have around $9000 in our building fund.  

Contact Diana if you have any new ideas to make being Featured Artist special again. 

Sandra T has expressed interest in helping on a committee. We decided we need someone to coordinate the First Friday Hosts. Someone to make sure hosts all bring something different. We don’t want everyone to bring the dip and no one brings the chips. So Sandra can be Chief Hostess if she agrees. 

We discussed our holiday party and decided that we will close the Gallery on Monday, January 1st, have our pot-luck party and gift exchange along with a quick gallery change-out. 

The end on January we will clear out the gallery and take a few days to paint and spruce it up. 

The next membership meeting will be Sunday Nov. 26th at 12:30pm.

Meeting adjourned. 

SCAW Steering Minutes 10/18/17


The meeting was called to order by Pres John Box. 


The back door light is not working and Bob was asked to replace the bulbs soon. 


John explained the procedure we use to track and collect delinquent dues payments.

Kaley tracks the dues status through the receipts in the register and reports her findings to John. John then contacts anyone two months behind with a reminder. If dues is 3 months past due John will send an email saying they are no longer a member of the gallery and we will take down their art. John asked if this is too lenient and Paul suggested we could either withhold checks or deduct dues from art checks. We agreed to deduct dues from art checks when there are art checks. John said he will work on the wording to change our Policies and Procedures and he will bring it to the membership for a vote. 


John reviewed other changes he made to our Policies and Procedures. Most changes were simple and there were no increases in dues and commissions. 


John would like to remind everyone to keep up to date the inventory sheets at the front desk. 


We will begin a new list of members willing to be hired for $20 per shift to take over for another worker in emergencies. Anyone interested in being a paid substitute should contact John. 


We will be creating a new Special Events committee. We are dropping the community outreach committee. 


We are changing the policy on training new members.  Anyone may now be a trainer and the Membership Committee chair will schedule new members with any responsible worker. 


Gary has stepped down as Marketing Committee chair and Sharon volunteered to take over from him. 


We discussed finding a catchy slogan to put on our holiday ads in the Chieftain’s service directory. Any suggestions should be given to John. 


John talked about our timeline to purchase and move to a new building. It will be at least another year. We are working with the same group that the Arts Alliance worked with to buy their buildings. 


Diana was not at the meeting but wanted some ideas on how we should decorate the front window for the holidays. Anyone with a good idea should contact Diana. 


We also discussed having affordable art displayed for the holidays, for example miniatures under $50. 


June reported that she will have a sign-up sheet at the next membership meeting for next year’s featured artists schedule. 


We have several special themed shows for next year including a Grandchildren’s Show, Painted Doors, Photo Show, Chili Fest and possibly others. Any suggestions should be given to Diana. 


We received a nice thank-you note from David Caricato who received one of our awards at the State Fair. 


Paul reported that so far this month we have done double the sales from the same month last year so we are doing very well. 


June reported that the 1st Friday hosts are lined up. She would like to remind hosts that left-over open bags of chips should be stored in the freezer where they will stay fresh. 


The Arts Alliance has a new program manager, her name is Kerry Bennett. 


It was suggested that we take a week long break after the holidays to repaint and clean up the gallery.


Meeting adjourned.