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Steering Committee Minutes

SCAW Steering Minutes
Dec. 14, 2016
Pres. John Box called the meeting to order. Paul has W-9 forms he will hand out at the membership meeting on Jan 1st. The Arts Alliance is not planning anything for January’s 1st Friday, we will be open and the Arts Alliance will do the announcement in the paper as usual. The key on the chain by the back door is missing. Does anyone know what happened to it? Please contact John if you know, we need to keep a key by the door for fire-code reasons. We do have a fire extinguisher in one of the front storage closets. Sharon reported that the company she contacted about gallery t-shirts can print from a photo or even a digital image. We will have a sign-up sheet at the meeting to order your t-shirt. They will be good quality white cotton with Linda Cate’s image of our gallery on the front. The cost per shirt will be around $20 with a bit of a profit for the gallery. Paul reported that we have had really good sales so far this month, which will help to catch up with our sales last year. Paul will post a copy of the financial report our accountant just produced for all to see by the front desk. Thank you to Frank, who supplied tissue paper. Diana will order more shop bags too. Paul reported that a very big mistake was made with the Square system by a member. There was a discussion on how best to handle the problem and John said he will take care of it. Sharon had nothing new to report on the membership committee. There was no report on the marketing committee. Lisa will post the calendar for January soon, if you have not signed up yet please do so. There was no report on the Featured Artist/ Host committee but Diana said she and June filled in a few slots with folks that hadn’t signed up. Jill M had nothing to report on the Arts Alliance, except that they will continue to have Second Saturday events at their new building. On January 1st we will have our art change-over and meeting at 11:30 we will have our pot-luck/ gift exchange holiday party at 1PM. John announced that we need to find an artist for next year’s Pam Fansler fellowship. If you know an artist who may be eligible please contact John. Meeting adjourned.
SCAW Steering Minutes Nov.16, 2016
Pres John Box called the meeting to order.
Bob Labenberg talked to us about lending to us his train set complete with village for our window this December.
John said he had received a complaint against one of our members. He talked about what action he would take at this time. The steering committee agreed with John’s suggestions.
We have had an issue in the gallery with wall space. John wrote a document called “Space Allocation Guidelines.” John will send the guidelines to all members’ email and we will vote at the next membership meeting on Nov. 27th.
A member recently talked about a customer who was interested in someone’s art but it was not labeled. The procedure is to look in the inventory book or call the artist. If that fails get the name and number of the customer and pass it along to the artist to call them.
John presented the By-laws and Policy and Procedures changes to the steering committee. They will be emailed to the membership and voted on at the membership meeting.
John said we have a policy in place regarding leave of absences. If a member leaves for a period of time they must reapply when returning and may be readmitted as space is available.
We need to find a new vice-president for the coming year. Please call John if you are interested in the job, which is mainly to lead meetings when John is traveling.
We discussed the 2017 budget, which John and Paul put together. We made a few changes and John will email everyone before we vote at the next meeting.
John suggested we not do face painting at the next Chili Fest because there is so much competition, but instead think of something else we can do to raise funds.
John registered Steel City Society for the Arts in the Amazon Smiles program, which will donate .5% to a designated society. John will pass along the details.
The cookbook sale went well but could have gone better. There were some problems with the Square.  Lisa’s mom donated beautiful cupcakes and everyone there had fun.
There was no report on the bin sale.
We will leave the book sales procedures the same; we put all book sales under “book sales” on the Square, be sure to put the Author’s name and book title under “notes.”
We discussed the t-shirt design. The company across the street can’t do photographs, they use a four color silk-screening process, Sharon said she knows other t-shirt shops that can do the work we want and said she would get prices from them.
The next steering committee meeting will be on Weds. Dec. 14th.
January 1st is our membership meeting, rehanging and Potluck Holiday Party, we will not be open for business.
Paul reported that we are having very good sales so far this Nov, bypassing last Nov. sales already.
Sharon reported that she has one interview scheduled for a possible new member.
Gary had no report on the Marketing committee.
Lisa said the calendar was ok and she was ready to send out next year’s 1st quarter calendar.
June said the Host/ Featured artists list was filling up. Contact June if you have not signed up for next year yet.
There was nothing to report on Community Connections from Toni.
Bob Sweeney had no report on the gallery maintenance. 
Jill Moring gave a report on the Pueblo Arts Alliance. They will have on open house on Nov. 21 from 12-1pm and again from 5:30 to 6:30.
Our gallery manager, Diana had nothing new to report at this time.
The next membership meeting will be on Sunday Nov. 27, at 12:30pm.
Meeting adjourned.