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Steel City Art Works
By Laws
Section 1 – Name
The name of the organization shall be Steel City Art Works (SCAW).
Section 2 – Purpose
a. Steel City Art Works is a cooperative association of artists whose purpose is to provide a
conduit between regional artists and the greater Pueblo community in promoting the creation,
appreciation, and acquisition of fine art and craft.
b. The association provides, to its members, mutual support, a communal facility for the display
and sale of members’ work, and a forum for the exchange of ideas.
c. The association strives to provide programs, workshops and demonstrations to introduce and
educate both youth and adult members of the community about the arts.
Section 1 – Eligibility for Membership
a. Applications for membership are available to any artist interested in joining the organization.
b. The process of becoming a member of the organization is identified in the SCAW Policies
and Procedures Handbook.
Section 2 – Membership Categories
There are two categories of SCAW membership, local and distance.
a. Local members live within 30 miles of the gallery, pay monthly dues and provide the
cooperative with a commission of the sale of their art. Local members also are required to
work in the gallery each month.
b. Distance members live more than 30 miles from the gallery, pay monthly dues and provide
the cooperative with a commission on the sale of their art. Distance members are not required
to work in the gallery each month as a requirement of membership.
c. The amount of dues and other fees, gallery commission, and days worked each month are
established annually by the membership and published in the SCAW Policies and Procedures
Section 3 – Obligations of the Membership
a. Members are expected to attend monthly membership meetings.
b. Members must fulfill gallery work-time requirements, produce new work regularly that is
gallery ready, and participate in other planned activities of the organization.
January 1, 2014
c. A member may be dismissed by action of the Steering Committee. Grounds for the dismissal
of members include non-payment of dues without prior specific arrangements with the
Steering Committee, unprofessional behavior, failure to meet work requirements, and/or non-
d. A member may be granted a temporary leave of absence by the Steering Committee. During
the leave of absence, the member must continue to pay dues. If the member does not wish to
continue to pay dues during the leave of absence, they will be dropped from membership and
required to reapply if they wish to rejoin the organization at a later date.
e. A member may be granted other exceptions to the obligations of membership by the Steering
Committee. The conditions for such exceptions will be determined on a case-by-case basis
and will not be considered precedent setting.
Section 4 – Dues and Assessments
a. Each member must pay an initial membership fee at time of joining the organization. That fee
is determined annually by a 2/3 vote by the membership and is published in the SCAW
Policies and Procedures Manual.
b. Monthly dues are determined annually by a 2/3 vote of the membership and published in the
SCAW Policies and Procedures Manual. Monthly dues are non-refundable.
c. All members are required to pay membership dues the first week of each month. If a member
becomes more than one month in arrears, all checks (payable to artist) will be held until the
dues are up to date. Any member more than 2 months in arrears in their dues payment will be
suspended from membership until all dues are up to date.
d. If, at any time, other fees or assessments are deemed necessary, such funds must be approved
by a 2/3 vote of the membership.
e. Dues, paid in advance, by a member leaving the gallery, are refundable.
Section 1 – Membership Meetings
a. Membership meetings shall be governed by Robert’s Rules of Order. The Secretary shall
serve as the parliamentarian at membership meetings.
b. Business of the membership meeting is conducted by a quorum unless specified otherwise, in
advance. A quorum is a minimum of 15 members present 15 minutes after the meeting is
scheduled to begin.
c. For voting purposes, an absent member may be represented by written and signed proxy
presented by another member at the meeting, unless excluded by a specific clause or
d. Membership meetings are held on the last Sunday before the first Friday of each month.
January 1, 2014
Section 2 – Steering Committee Meetings
a. Steering Committee meetings are held monthly, generally on the second Wednesday of each
Section 1 – Governance Structure
a. The organization is governed by four officers elected by the membership each year at the
November membership meeting.
b. Officers
1. Presides at all monthly membership meetings, Steering Committee meetings, and other
official meetings of the organization.
2. Prepares and emails agendas for meetings as appropriate.
3. Represents the gallery to other parties or names a representative for this purpose.
4. Is responsible for implementing the decisions of the membership.
5. Appoints committee chairs.
6. Assembles a committee at least once yearly for the purpose of long range planning.
ii. Vice President
1. Substitutes for the President when the President is absent or unable to perform his/her
2. Oversees the work of all committees.
iii. Secretary
1. Takes minutes at Steering Committee meetings.
2. Emails minutes of meetings to all members within 2 days of meetings.
3. Distributes notices, and other information and communications to all members.
January 1, 2014
iv. Treasurer
1. Is responsible for overseeing financial matters, keeping all financial records and handling
all payments having to do with the organization.
2. Appoints a finance committee as necessary to assist with any part of the Treasurer’s
3. Prepares and presents monthly financial statement at monthly meetings.
Section 2 – Steering Committee
1. Composed of all elected officers, the immediate past president, and appointed committee
chairs/coordinators. May include 2 at large members, appointed by the President.
2. Responsible for developing long range plans and making recommendations to the
3. Empowered to deal with emergency situations.
4. In the case of resignation of an officer, the Steering Committee shall nominate a
5. Able to make decisions on behalf of the Cooperative unless otherwise specified by the Steel
City Art Works By-Laws or Policies and Procedures.
Section 3 – Standing Committees
1. Formed by the President to insure effective gallery management.
2. May include membership, marketing, outside venues, display, calendar, newsletter.
Section 1 – Complaints
1. Complaints regarding any aspect of Steel City Art Works shall be brought to any member
of the Steering Committee for review and action. The Steering Committee may bring
complaints to the full membership as deemed appropriate.
Section 1 – Exit Procedure
1. In order to conduct an ongoing evaluation of the effectiveness of Steel City Art Works
Cooperative, the Membership Committee will be responsible to hold an exit interview with
any members that leave the gallery.
January 1, 2014
Section 1 – Amendments
1. By-Laws may be amended by a 2/3 vote of all members present, at a dually constituted
2. Proposed amendments shall be distributed 1 month prior to the meeting, at which they
will be considered.

January 1, 2014